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Manchester Scanner Lighting Hire
Acme Winner 250w DMX DJ Lights
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Terms & Conditions
:: DMX Scanners
:: 2x Lights - 35 per day, 70 per week
:: 4x Lights - 50 per day, 100 per week

:: Description

Scanners are ideal for attaching to a DJ stand or band stage pointed towards the dance floor. Ours will move together in time with the music and are powered by 250w halogen bulbs to produce bright, vivid colours. These scanners feature a fantastic pre-programmed light show but if you require extra control they can be used with a DMX Controller.

All of our hire prices include delivery, setup and collection.

:: What's included?

  • Acme Winner DMX Scanners (250w each)
  • Lighting Stand (2 stands for 4 lights)
  • All necessary DMX link cables
:: Specifications

:: Acme Winner DMX Scanner
  • Bright 250w Halogen system
  • 5 DMX channels (Shutter/Colour/Gobo/Pan/Tilt)
  • Stand-alone programs with master/slave operation
  • Sound activated movement

:: Upgrades

:: Martin Magnum 550 Smoke Machine
:: 10 per day, 20 per week
  • 600w Heat Exchanger
  • Hand Held Remote Control
  • 1 Litre Fluid Capacity
  • Full tank of fluid included
:: Chauvet CA-9 Hand Held DMX Controller
:: 5 per day, 10 per week
  • Non-programmable DMX Controller
  • Blackout Function
  • Gobo/Colour Selector
  • Fast (Strobe)/Slow Show Selector
:: Ouzbe DMX-240 DMX Controller
:: 15 per day, 30 per week
  • Control up to 12 DMX lights
  • Store and play back light shows
  • Full control over DMX lights
  • See our DMX Control Guide for more information

:: Don't forget...

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